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Thanks for the science, Redshirt.

star trek/existentialist dread

The quiet despair of Space Trek. (Like the Enterprise plus Unhappy Hipsters.)

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the poetry of yelp

Re: The Latte Was a Little Too Milky One Day

these facts
when laid bare
before the sweep of human history –
tsunamis, misery, starvation, despair, war, the death of a loved one –

all those things
that are
so far
from New York City,
and sometimes right there before you –

these things are so vast and can provide such extremes of hope and despair,
that perhaps when one finds oneself angered
about the sugar provisions
or the change of chair color at a café
that one
hasn't visited
in a year,
one can only either recognize the Great Truths of Life

and plunge forward selflessly with hope

or become consumed by despair –

or one can go and write a vicious Yelp review
on the World Wide Web,
alone with one's screen

without having
to face
the human beings
it addresses,

and consider the day


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henry wessel

It's the last couple of days of the Henry Wessel show at Pace MacGill. The images are black and whites, taken between 1968 and 1987, with a sly sense of humor and a great static sense.

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more chios

more chios