Thursday, February 21, 2008

dr. ken, driving me home, 10:26pm

“Chevo wasn’t my first, but he was the first guy that fucked me. That whole semester we’d drink over at my place. Just drinking, not fooling around. First thing, he’d always take off his shirt, it was hot, Guadalajara is the tropics you know. Then one night we each drank a sixpack of Carta Blanca...The girl sitting next to me at the restaurant? I wasn’t paying attention. See, you have to fixate on twat now, because my sexuality threatens you...I’ll tell you this, Chevo may have his flatscreen TV’s and his pediatrician wife, but he will never forget me. HE WILL NEVER FORGET ME.”

(Through the windshield, the moon in eclipse is as brown as a spider’s egg.)

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