Monday, May 12, 2008

And when you spell judgment with two e’s, I’m not sure I trust your judgment

"Mr. Wolff in an unabashed New Yorker (although a transplant from Virginia) and his love shows through the work. Many useful suggestions, but one section makes me question the accuracy of the rest....

"Mr. Wolff, on page 61, asserts: 'The Earl of Oxford would probably be gratified to know all these centuries later his little plays dominate the summer theatre seen in the world's capital. Sure, the plays are published under the name of an actor from Stratford, but the passions and conflict resound just as the Earl wrote them.'

"I hope Mr. Wolff is pulling our collective leg, because if he really is an Oxfordian (someone who believes the 17th Earl of Oxford wrote the works of Shakespeare, instead of Shakespeare himself), I'm not sure I trust his judgement: not because he proposes that outlandish conspiracy theory (many have been suckered into that), but because introducing it into a guide book meant furthering his pet theory was more important than an unbiased, focused work."

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