Friday, August 8, 2008

Serpent Mound

The most random thing we saw on the road was a 1,000-year-old earth effigy in southern Ohio. Pulling up to this thing after a steady diet of cornfields is something like encountering an Aztec temple on Queens Boulevard.

The site's exact function isn't known, but intriguingly the coils are bisected by the rising and setting sun and moon at various points of the year.

The most dramatic effect is from the sky, a view unavailable to the ancients. Aliens could have enjoyed it, though.

Several more Indian sites are scattered around in the area, including burial mounds which reflect the amazing trade network of the time (both oceans, North Carolina, Colorado, the Gulf of Mexico).

The burial mound above survived cultivation only because it was in an enclosed barnyard area. It's tantalizing to think of what else is out there, destroyed by farming, hidden by tree cover, lost among the mysteries of Ohio.

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