Friday, November 11, 2011

modern art is the antidote to the frivolity of our times

The performance will begin with a 30-minute section during which performers guide pieces of hay between their lips. The movement then disperses, and an acupuncture treatment (conducted by acupuncturist Laura Barnard Stelmok) begins in the other room. Paulson, who will have long grey braids past her waist, will sit in a chair, as sculptor Gavin Kenyon ( chops off her locks. Meanwhile, Faurot continuously brushes her own hair with antique tattered brushes. At the same time, she holds a video monitor displaying her yoga teacher, Ruth Lauer-Manenti, brushing Faurot’s hair in a grooming ritual outside. Further back in the space, performers mimic movements executed by Ruth Lauer-Manenti on video monitors in Faurot & Paulson’s signature copy/follow style.

Tomorrow night at English Kills Art Gallery in Brooklyn. Who's with me?