Friday, December 14, 2007

Accomplishments of the Jews:

Old Testament

New Testament


The Pyramids

Theory of Relativity

Cure for syphilis

Cure for cholera

Polio vaccine


178 Nobel Prizes



Accomplishments of the Koreans:

Glow in the dark cats

The nectarine


The Instructor said...

Go Team Jew!

short-track speed skater said...

Clearly l.e.s.t.e.r. is demonstrating his ignorance for the historic achievements of one of the oldest and accomplished cultures in the world. I am now officially boycotting this blog because of the recent anti-Korean sentiment on it of late.

And I hardly think l.e.s.t.e.r. can qualify as being on "Team Jew", what with the Catholic grandmother and the celebrating of Christmas with his mom. Not to mention the photographic evidence of him congregating around a hideous buche de noel a few blog entries earlier.

No kimchi or latkes for you!!

googlegrants said...

what, you celebrate christmas with mom?

why aren't i invited?