Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's starting to feel a lot like christmas


Anonymous said...

who are those people?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. And what year was this pic taken? Please don't tell me it was this year. What's with all the "hey there" pointing? And what is that one guy (or is it a girl) signing with his hand? It's not the Spock greeting and it's not Le Mano Cornudo. It's definitely not the finger. Did he/she lose the finger in a horrible cooking accident when he/she was helping prepare . . . what the hell is that food by the way? It looks like a meatloaf with biscuits glued to it. And mushrooms? Oh, now that I've looked at it a bit longer and identified the mushrooms, I can see that it is most likely a really ugly buche de noel.