Wednesday, June 11, 2008

free & dirt cheap part 3

You probably already know about the River to River festival, which puts on a few dozen shows every summer along the Hudson and East River. They also put on New York's annual July 4th concert, which this year features Sonic Youth and a reunited Feelies*. All shows are free, but if you want to see Sonic Youth best be at your computer tomorrow, Thursday, June 12th. Log on to the R2R website, but make sure you're there at noon sharp when the tickets are released, because I doubt they'll last more than about 30 seconds.

*The last time I saw the Feelies was opening up for Husker Du at Lisner Auditorium in 1986, but they were really good then, so I feel safe recommending them.

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Skramly said...

People who don't read this blog don't know what they're missing. Husker Du, for crying out loud! Can't wait for #4.