Monday, June 9, 2008

nyc free & dirt cheap third edition

I am entering the homestretch with F&DC, hopeful that it won't be a Big Brown-style homestretch. I have found tons and tons of new stuff, and since summer is the high season for New York freebies, I'm going to spend this week giving away the store. Your first opportunity: Shakespeare in the Park without having to stand on line. This year they're not giving away seats downtown, so there's a "virtual line" in addition to the analog line outside the Delacorte. Yeah, it's probably a lottery-win/struck-by-lightning longshot, but there's no reason not to sign up and take a daily crack at it.

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Skramly said...

Good luck in the home stretch! Love the new cover, particularly the color scheme. But why only 364 free and cheap things to do? What are we supposed to do on the 365th day?